Loving Yourself JanYOUary 2018!


Happy New Year,🎆🎊  excited to be blogging again to share my journey from Corporate to Wellness Journey. This has REALLY been a journey! Whoa! 😳 A lot of life lessons learned. ALERT!!! Stop expecting people to handle your LIFE!  Loving yourself is the greatest revolution!

Healthy Living Revolution

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JanYOUary…Extract the Distractions…

  1. New Year. New Feels. New Breathe. New Chances. Friends, this is the beginning of ANYTHING YOU WANT. And it starts with focusing on the most important thing-YOU. When you take care of YOU, when you are the best version of yourself, you can then be the best at all of your other roles in life! This brings me to ask, how do you propel the distractions that take you off course when you are so driven and passionate about a project or goal? #guilt #procrastination  #projectME #takehealthyback #consistencyjumpstart%20january

Who Am I?


I am a NEW Sassy blogger, stepping out of my comfort zone. My name is Sherry Robinson. I am an Enterprising *Creative* Management* Professional Specializing in Team Building.

Wellness Educator- Fitness Enthusiast-Entrepreneur-Dreamer, who enjoy sharing information about HEALTHY LIVING to FAMILIES and COACHING Small Business Owners in the right direction!  I am Building My Dreams, one day at a time. I am a Soldier’s mother. I have always been FASCINATED with the Body! Yes, I am a former Personal Trainer of 10 years, whoa! Lifetime Weight Watcher member since April 2001,( Yeah! ME)…oops I almost forgot that I was named “MOST ORIGINAL” in my HIGHSCHOOL CLASS!

My MISSION is to: Inspire Healthy Living!